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This Mirror Will Change Your Life

You maybe thinking the title is a little over exaggerated but I’m not lying! I was happy browsing the ground floor of Selfridges when I walked past a collection of Simplehuman illuminating mirrors, of course I have a quick make up check. To my horror I looked a mess! but it was a hot sweaty day in London!

After this event it got me thinking I must get a decent light in order to help me appear ‘on fleek’ but nothing was either small enough or the of the same quality, Dilemma!

After watching the promo video from Simplehuman I was completely sold by all its features and took the plunge and brought that baby!

P.s my dressing table is never this clear

Quick unpack and a charge up (it’s wireless!! ) the Simplehuman was ready to go (not me the mirror). It shows up everything but in a good way, I mean what this mirror shows up with it’s 5x magnifying glass is amazing. So I may need an emergency facial but at least I know what I’ve been walking around like.

Simplehuman sensor mirror

Patchy makeup begone!

simplehuman sensor mirror

 Usually applying my makeup means I have to move around the house checking in all kinds of lighting conditions, I no longer have to do this ever again  the impressive colour-rendering index (90), closely simulates daylight to ensure you look flawless whatever the setting! My makeup has never looked so flawless but don’t just take my word for it…


Don’t be put off by the price tag and go for it you wont regret it with 5* reviews.

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