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It’s Nice To Meet You!

So here you are having a nose! I’d like to personally welcome you to our new site! Furniture is something I’m very passionate about, it not only says a lot about your tastes but how you like to like your life! So I’ll start right from the beginning.

I moved out with my partner at 18 years old, that’s right where my incredibly picky and fussy personal tastes extended from fashion to home furnishings! Who’d of thought it was so hard to pick a bed!? or hunt down dining chairs that don’t exist! We lived with minimal furniture until we sourced what we wanted (more like what i wanted)! However over 6 years of living in our apartment i have changed my mind too many times and quite often changed furniture at least once a year! for instance here are just some stats; In almost 6 years we’ve had 2 Dining tables, 4 sets of dining chairs, 3 sofas, 4 beds.

Yes I’m that passionate! so all those years later after experience with an online furniture store i decided to build my own by tracking down and locating the best pieces i could find, then offer these products to other passionate homeowners! My vision was to supply high quality ( this is top of the list in my requirements) and amazing design!

Each products has been hand picked and inspected by me! it needs to meet a high quality standard so products last! Design needed to be original and fresh.

Which Brings us up to date! Welcome to Bella Casa London. Your new one stop online shop for all things home furniture and accessories. Lets grow together- over time new products will be added and current styles updated, to keep up to date follow our socials.


Want to get in contact with us? maybe you have some products you think will fit in perfectly on our site or maybe you want to guest write for us! feel free to contact us using the Contact us link there you’ll find a press contact and a quick simple contact form for any other enquiries! 



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