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Young & Battaglia | Kirin Young

Blue & Grey Framed Print | Limited Edition


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Artwork Is Mounted Within A White Box Frame

Limited Edition Print


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Blue And Grey is a limited edition art print created by designers Young & Battaglia in collaboration with guest artist Kirin Young.

The artwork is mounted within a white box frame to complement its various pastel shades of colour.

The collection of coloured paintings are perfect for adding colour to your decor with a classical touch featuring paintings from the past.

Artists Quote ” the colours collection is a fusion of past and present. Abstract expressionism is layered over renaissance, an irreverent tribute to the work of Rothko and many renaissance masters. The process was more about deciding what parts of the original painting to leave visible, and choosing which tones from the original painting worked well as a large block of colour and complemented each other in the new composition..” Kirin Young

81.3cm Height | 66cm Width

Dimensions 66 × 81.3 cm